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For years Nigerian brides from the South East and South South have opted to rent the jewelry worn for their traditional wedding. These types of jewelry worn for traditional weddings are beautiful, elaborate, expensive hand made pieces that are less likely to be worn by the bride to any other occasion other than her traditional wedding. 

A number of today's African brides are facing a similar challenge of buying beautiful, elaborate expensive statement jewelry for their traditional wedding that they would most likely never wear again.

With the increasing pressures of huge wedding budgets, a variety of one time expenses such as hair and makeup, we at Zuri Perle introduced the rental service on our "high end bridal jewelry pieces" and "Collection" to help those savvy Brides with their ever burgeoning wedding budget.

Instead of paying full price for a piece of jewelry you most likely will not wear again, you get to pay a rental fee, use the jewelry of your dreams and funnel the remaining cash to other obligations that help bring your fantasy wedding to life.  .


  • Browse through our "IRIS" and "BRIDAL" Collection
  • Contact us and complete our rental service agreement
  • Receive your piece and rock it like a star
  • Simply return in the prepaid return envelope. 

Fill out our CONTACT US form today and a representative will respond to your inquiries within 24hours.  


zuri-perle-bride-in-molade-fresh-water-pearl-and-pink-jade-handmade-semi-precious-gemstone-necklace-african-inspired-jewelry-nigerian-jeweler.jpg  zuri-perle-bride-in-brown-sugar-goldstone-handmade-semi-precious-jewelry-african-inspired-nigerian-jeweler.jpg  bride-in-zuri-perle-citrine-handmade-necklace-african-inspired-jewelry.jpg bride-in-zuri-perle-fresh-water-pearl-handmade-necklace-jewelry-african-inspired-jewelry.jpg   mother-of-groom-in-peacock-fresh-water-pearl-handmade-necklace-african-inspired-jewelry.jpg  bride-in-zuri-perle-red-coral-handmade-necklace-african-inspired-wedding-jewelry.jpg            


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