Published by Atinuke Adeleke for Zuri Perle on 3rd Mar 2018

Happy Sunday Zuri's , hope your week went well. Mine was filled with a few ups and downs but I'm super grateful to see another month. I can't believe February 2018 is done and gone. I do hope you spent your February marble wisely.

I have been searching for the inspiration for our spring/summer line for a while now and I finally stumbled across it in the colorful country of Jamaica a few weeks ago.

One of my new year resolutions for 2018 is to say yes to new experiences, just like my younger self would have done but the mummy/entrepreneur me of today would not (mostly because I think it won't fit into my schedule). As an entrepreneur, one of the greatest perks is being able to schedule my own time, however, the constant battle is being able to split up my time  efficiently so that I don't invest my entire life into my business.

So when a friend invited me to Jamaica for her bridal shower, I was super excited - time away from work seemed like a great idea, plus I had never been to Montego Bay Jamaica.

The country is warm and beautiful, reminded me a lot of Nigeria but with less of a hectic buzz in the air. I had a great time with 7 amazing women, 6 of which I had never met prior to the trip

I had to take my TEMI necklace with me. It was the perfect necklace for all my outfits, even looked great with my swim suit

The highlight of my trip was climbing the KONOKO waterfalls. I am terrified of heights, so agreeing to this was a tad bit difficult. However, taking steps to living life to the fullest, irrespective of my fears, was another resolution i made this year so I'm so glad I did this :) 

The blues and greens in this picture is one of the sources of inspiration for our upcoming spring/summer collection. Check out some other things that inspired our upcoming spring/summer collection

Nothing beats Mother Nature when it comes to beauty. Here is a sneak peek of what we have in store. 

For the photoshoot I've got a really wacky idea in mind that I'm looking forward to sharing with you. Check back soon Zuri's and thanks for stopping by.

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