Published by Atinuke Adeleke for Zuri Perle on 27th Jan 2018

Hi Zuri's thanks for stopping by. The weather this week has been amazing, we've finally climbed out of the single digits to as high as 60 degrees. It reminds me that spring is around the corner and the 2018 wedding season will soon be in full swing.

For those Zuri's out there who don't know, I'm Nigerian, hence the bold colorful jewelry. Nigerian traditional weddings are a wonder to behold and loads of fun. The fashion, music and food are simply spectacular. If you are getting married this year, congratulations!!

I've put together a few jewelry tips to ensure you look your most fabulous on probably the most colorful day of your life;

  • First things first, choose jewelry/accessories that speak to your personality.  Your jewelry/accessories tells a lot about your personality and they are just as important as your outfit and makeup. Truth be told your shoes and jewelry are probably the only things you can use after your wedding, 'cause you know all that makeup is going to be washed down the drain after, LOL.

If you enjoy making a statement, then definitely pick statement pieces for your outfit. A number of designers offer fabulous shoes and bags that speak to various personalities so don't hold back.

If you enjoy a classic aesthetic, then let that translate to your jewelry as well. Your wedding day is a day to make a statement no doubt but you also want to wear jewelry that you are comfortable in. Remember, if the jewelry speaks to your personality then you are more than likely to make good use of it after your wedding day.

The "KIKE" necklace from the PERLE COLLECTION makes a bold statement while the "OGE" necklace shown below, has a classic feel to it.

  • The second tip is, Color. Most Nigerian brides like to wear coral jewelry as it is a very traditional look, however, there are so many more stones in a variety of shapes and colors that you can explore. If your wedding clothes are a relatively neutral color, then you can add colorful accessories to give that extra pop. For bright colored outfits, go with white or darker jewelry to give some contrast.

If you are wearing a dark colored outfit like chocolate brown, opt for accessories in light tones or a bold pop of color to add some flavor to that chocolate goodness. The colors for my white wedding was all shades of brown and champagne, and looking back at my wedding pictures, i should have included a bright color for that added pop. Remember, the camera loves color.

IBUKUN from the ASIKOMI COLLECTION looks great against the chocolate brown outfit, while the lapis necklace below look stunning against the pink/purple outfit

  • Next is your neckline. This is one of the most important decisions when picking a necklace for your outfit. You want your necklace to either sit above the neckline of your blouse (buba) or fall at least 2 inches below the neckline of your blouse (buba). This it to avoid a situation of the necklace slipping beneath your blouse. It's simply frustrating when you see a fabulous picture of yourself when the party is all done, and you notice that your necklace has slipped below your neckline, ruining your picture

The EBUN necklace shows the perfect length when opting for a shorter necklace. The IBUKUN necklace pictured below works just as well with the outfit

  • The final tip has to do with the details on your outfit. With the ongoing trend of bedazzled blouse(buba) and wrapper(iro) you want your jewelry to compliment your outfit. If your outfit has pearls on it, going with a pearl necklace is a good option. The color of the details on your outfit is just as important as the base color of the outfit. A number of brides opt for red coral because its a safe choice and compliments almost any outfit. If you want to look different, then avoid the cliché and opt for something other than red coral. 

Thanks for reading Zuri's and if you are a bride to be, congratulations, make sure you check out our different collections. I'm certain you will find something that speaks to you. 

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